An Inter-religious Dialogue Between an Evangelical and a Satanist

I recently had the pleasure of engaging in a public inter-religious dialogue with the Evangelical John Morehead. While the video is primarily geared towards Evangelicals and helping them overcome stereotypes of religious minorities, I also thought the video would be interesting to my fellow Satanists.

We live in a time of escalating demonization and polarization, and I find that now more than ever I should engage in challenging conversations with those from other religious traditions. Such dialogue is often frustrating and fraught, but can also be enormously helpful in cultivating a better world.

I hope you enjoy the video, and please leave your thoughts on the discussion below. If your comment is excellent, I will feature it in my monthly Best Comments series.

7 thoughts on “An Inter-religious Dialogue Between an Evangelical and a Satanist

  1. I was interested in a dialogue but experienced the talk to be one sided. As a theist that is non religious I strongly believe that Jesus came to make a direct way for ALL to GOD who is love, without barriers of selection or hierarchy, as he sat down with the rejects of religion and the political system. He manifested love through all of his choices and actions. So in my eyes HE is the true fighter for the outsiders. I hope you can experience his power and truth which is far beyond denomination.


    1. Hi there, thanks for your comment. I think John would probably agree with you in seeing Christ as the ultimate fighter for outsiders. That’s one of the more positive interpretations of the Christ story, and one I appreciate.

      Help me understand the ways in which you found the conversation one sided. Do you feel that we failed in our goal of having a productive dialogue?


  2. Stephen – this is one of my favorite posts to date. I found this dialogue very inspiring. Since turning to Satanism and TST, I’ve found myself reviled by evangelicals proselytizing to or attacking those of us in “outsider” religions and beliefs. I have been disgusted with those in the evangelical Christian community who continue to support a misogynist, racist, bigoted president. I haven’t been able to bring myself to have a conversation with anyone in the evangelical Christian faith since I walked away without rolling my eyes or dismissing them altogether.

    This post showed me that not only is conversation possible, but can be a pleasant, civil process as well. I’m highly impressed with John’s demeanor and tolerance – nay, acceptance – of a religion other than his own. I appreciate very much your own (Stephen) ability to be open to having difficult conversations – sometimes with difficult people – to remain open to ideas, thoughts, and beliefs other than your own. I’m inspired to try and do the same.

    Also, you should do more video posts – you’re freakingn adorable!


    1. This is great! With all the pushback from evangelicals for my way of doing things I sometimes wonder if it’s worth it. The sentiments expressed in this comment makes me want to continue on. Thanks so much.


  3. Another really great episode. I’m kinda going backwards and catching up.

    I think the thing that’s really made me a fan…is that I feel a real affinity with how you came to Satanism. I was raised Catholic…became a VERY born-again on fire for Christ Left Behind reading Christian in highschool/college…and in my 20s, I discovered Sam Harris and Hitchens. And I became one of those “militant” atheists, I just could not stomach theism…it sickened me.

    But while I think that was a very necessary step in my journey…during that time, I would often confuse/confound my fellow atheist friends. They couldn’t understand why my apartment was adorned by Buddhas, Hindu deities, Catholic iconography, etc etc. Or why I intensely loved ritual. Or why my atheist gf and I would go to random churches in the area..for fun.

    Once I caught wind of what TST was all about…it immediately struck me as precisely what I’d been looking/hoping for. I’m also a very religious person….but an atheist. Though I think I might start calling myself a non-theist. I like that terminology better…leads to better conversations I would imagine.

    Anyway, this podcast is really helping me refine my understanding of my own journey. Really good stuff. Back to the episode now!


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