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Sacred Tension is the podcast about the spiritual discipline of asking questions. Every week I cover a different topic, ranging from Satanism, to Marxism, to surviving a cult, to exploring Christianity as an LGBT person. Listen to the latest episodes here, subscribe on your favorite podcast player, or find my whole backlog of shows on Podbean.

Keith Frankish on The Real Magic of the Material World Sacred Tension: Satanism, Philosophy, Culture

In this episode of Sacred Tension, I am joined by philosopher Keith Frankish to discuss the ways in which our intuitions about consciousness might be completely wrong, the fundamental magic of the physical world, and how his philosophy and my Satanism might intersect. Find Keith Frankish here: And follow Keith Frankish on Twitter: Become a patron so I can continue my crippling content creation addiction: Join my Discord server: My work is sponsored by The Satanic Temple TV: a streaming platform featuring documentaries, live streams, conversations, rituals, and more. Use my code SACREDTENSION at checkout to get one month free.
  1. Keith Frankish on The Real Magic of the Material World
  2. Decoding the Gurus with Christopher Kavanagh and Matthew Browne
  3. Satanic Monasticism with Sister Zither
  4. The Reconciliation of Christ and Satan with Lucien Greaves
  5. The Headless Way with Richard Lang