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Sacred Tension is the podcast about the spiritual discipline of asking questions. Every week I cover a different topic, ranging from Satanism, to Marxism, to surviving a cult, to exploring Christianity as an LGBT person. Listen to the latest episodes here, subscribe on your favorite podcast player, or find my whole backlog of shows on Podbean.

Online Gurus and New Religious Movements | Helen Lewis Sacred Tension

In this episode of Sacred Tension, I'm joined by journalist Helen Lewis to discuss her new BBC series The New Gurus. We discuss the rise of advice-giving gurus online, whether social justice is a new religion, her confrontational interview with Jordan Peterson, how online cancelation radicalizes people, and much more.  Listen to her series The New Gurus on BBC Radio 4: Follow her work at The Atlantic: Become a patron so I can continue my crippling content creation addiction: Join my Discord server: Sign up for my newsletter:
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