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Sacred Tension is the podcast about the spiritual discipline of asking questions. Every week I cover a different topic, ranging from Satanism, to Marxism, to surviving a cult, to exploring Christianity as an LGBT person. Listen to the latest episodes here, subscribe on your favorite podcast player, or find my whole backlog of shows on Podbean.

(Preview) The Illusion of the Self Sacred Tension

Timothy and I talk about meditation, why it's a helpful skill, and how it can reveal the fundamental illusoriness of the self.  Listen to the full episode by subscribing to my Patreon here:  
  1. (Preview) The Illusion of the Self
  2. How to Be a Border-Stalker | Jon Ward
  3. Armageddon | Bart Ehrman
  4. (Preview) Troll Epistemology
  5. Satan and AI | Lucien Greaves