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Sacred Tension is the podcast about the spiritual discipline of asking questions. Every week I cover a different topic, ranging from Satanism, to Marxism, to surviving a cult, to exploring Christianity as an LGBT person. Listen to the latest episodes here, subscribe on your favorite podcast player, or find my whole backlog of shows on Podbean.

Orgies, Cults, and Lies with Lucien Greaves Sacred Tension

In this episode of Sacred Tension, Lucien Greaves returns to discuss every allegation of fascism and antisemitism against him and The Satanic Temple.
  1. Orgies, Cults, and Lies with Lucien Greaves
  2. Conform Or Be Cast Out with Logan Albright
  3. Rituals for Death and Dying with Shiva Honey
  4. Banning Critical Race Theory is a Bad Idea with Adam Goldstein of FIRE
  5. The Werewolf Trials with Zee Kay