My Conversation with Black Mass Appeal

I recently had the pleasure of appearing on one of my favorite podcasts: Black Mass Appeal, which is one of the largest (if not the largest) Satanic podcasts on the internet. Rarely do I get the jitters before an interview, but I did with them, because I’m a fan.

We talked about that most perennial and obnoxious of questions from non-Satanists: Why Satan? Why do we find Satan — a villain in our culture — so sympathetic and appealing? How do we, as individual Satanists, answer this question? We explore how Satanism is not a troll but an earnest religious identity (it takes too much effort to be a troll) and how Satanism is an act of radical solidarity with the demonized. We also discuss my unique journey as a queer Satanist, and why queerness and Satan are, for me, deeply linked.

Find the full episode here, and let me know what you think.

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One thought on “My Conversation with Black Mass Appeal

  1. I’ve looked through your blogs/podcasts and haven’t actually seen this combined in one place but I could’ve missed it.

    How about something that deals with the history of Satanic Panic? Up until about 6 months I really didn’t much about topic but did some additional and continuing research. I’ve comunicated with some other Satanists who really weren’t aware of many of the details.

    If you have some links handy possibly post some up here. I have a group set up on BaphoNet specifically to collect this type of information mostly for those who want to learn about it but also collate resources.

    Nobody really needs to join the group to submit anything, anyone can just supply a link and I’ll add it to the database.


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