Sacred Tension: The Satanic Temple vs. Church of Satan, feat. Priest Penemue

In this episode of Sacred Tension I’m joined by Priest Penemue — a Satanic content creator and director of ministry at The Satanic Temple. We discuss the differences between Church of Satan and The Satanic Temple, and why those differences matter.

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3 thoughts on “Sacred Tension: The Satanic Temple vs. Church of Satan, feat. Priest Penemue

    1. I’m not opposed to interviewing someone from CoS. For this particular interview, it was the topic Penemue and I settled on after already agreeing to record a show together, so it just turned out that way.

      However, regarding CoS more broadly: while I’m not closed to talking to them, their conduct doesn’t inspire confidence that they would carry themselves well. They’ve gone on doxxing sprees against TST leadership, and have said some outright untruths. They also continually insist that they are the only authentic Satanism. None of that represents a sort of person I want to have an hour-long conversation with.


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