How To Be a Border-Stalker | Jon Ward

In this episode of Sacred Tension, I’m joined by Jon Ward to discuss his new book Testimony: Inside the Evangelical Movement that Failed a Generation. We discuss his role as a border-stalker between cultural and religious boundaries, why the Evangelical movement struggles with understanding minority experience, his own religious journey after leaving Evangelicalism, and much more. 

Jon Ward is senior political correspondent for Yahoo News, author of Testimony: Inside the Evangelical Movement that Failed a Generation (Brazos Press, 2023) and Camelot’s End: Kennedy v Carter and the Fight that Broke the Democratic Party (Twelve Books, 2019), and host of “The Long Game” podcast. His Substack newsletter is called “Border Stalkers.” Jon has covered American politics and culture for two decades, as a city desk reporter in Washington D.C., as a White House correspondent who traveled aboard Air Force One to Africa, Europe and the Middle East, and as a national affairs correspondent who has traveled the country to write about two presidential campaigns and the ideas and people animating our times. He has been published in The Washington Post, The New Republic, Politico Magazine, Vanity Fair, The Huffington Post, and The Washington Times.

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