Daily Godless Invocations

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I’ve been absolutely delighted by the reception of my recent article On Creating a Personal Satanic Root Document. I initially worried that people wouldn’t get it, but instead I’ve received numerous emails and messages from enthusiastic Satanists and non-Satanists alike who are trying their hand at developing a Root Document.

One of the questions I’ve been getting most frequently concerns the daily invocations in the Morning Office. Do I write these invocations myself? Do I write an invocation for every day of the year? Yes to the former, no to the latter. I have one invocation for every day of the week, similar to the setup I use for meditating on the Seven Tenets of The Satanic Temple.

I thought I would provide my own godless invocations from my own Root Document. You are welcome to copy them, modify them, or discard them to your heart’s content. Whatever you do with your own morning invocations, I hope you make them your own.

My own invocations are meant to prepare me for the day and remind me to be present, mindful, and less stressed. As such, they are less obviously Satanic. You might choose to go in a completely different direction with your invocations: they could be declarations of the your Satanic (or other religious) worldview, or they could be expressions of your core principles.


I establish this week as a sacred endeavor of mindfulness and courage. No matter what may come, I will greet all challenges with as much presence and courage as I can. I make this vow: I will balance ease with strength, focus with effortlessness, grace with tenacity.


I am the universe become aware of itself. By some miracle I cannot comprehend, tiny shards of the cosmos started thinking about itself. I am one of those tiny shards. On this day, I bow before myself, the universe. I give thanks for this life, this moment, and I commit myself to see past the mundane and into the miraculous.


Have I done adequate practice? Have I developed adequate systems to catch me? Then trust, and let my practice and systems catch me. I don’t need to worry. I’ve been living for a long time, and I have a lot of experience. I can trust the resourcefulness of my future self, and don’t have to fret. I can bring all my attention to the present moment.


Today, I accept that which I cannot change, and that which I can change. I will do my best to differentiate between that which I have no control over, and that which I do.


Today, I choose to stay in the present moment. I choose to remember that the present moment is the highest sacrament, and that life consists of now. I will therefore engage no matter how dull, excruciating, or pleasurable.


Today, I am grateful for the struggle that is existence. I choose to turn towards it, and not cower away. I understand that if there is no mud, there is no lotus. If there are no cracks, there is no light.


Today, I choose to savor each moment, to notice the subtleties and contours of experience, no matter how mundane.

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