#Metoo and Confronting Evangelical Abuse

In this episode of Sacred Tension, environmental scientist Melissa Wilson returns to the show to tell us a harrowing story of abuse at a small Christian college in Appalachia. Instead of assuming this incident is an anomaly, or a tempest in a teacup, it is best to see it as a microcosm of the abuse and crisis sweeping all of evangelical Christian culture. 

Melissa B. Wilson, A.L.M and M.S. is an active conservationist and environmentalist who happily lives in paradise (the U.S. Virgin Islands) working to create STEM career pathways and networks for Caribbean students. As a former evangelical, a current climate activist, gay ally, and descendant of the Bohemian Reformation (the first Protestant Reformation) she speaks about faith, life, ecology, and our current political climate on her blog www.ecotheologist.com. She graduated from Harvard University in May 2019 with a Masters of Liberal Arts in Extension Studies-Sustainability and won the Harvard Dean’s Top Prize for Best Thesis in Sustainability. Her conservation research about wilderness, reaching Half-Earth, and STEM education can be found at www.melissawilson.net.

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One thought on “#Metoo and Confronting Evangelical Abuse

  1. Hi Stephen. I was your English teacher many years ago at Montreat. I was laid off in the Great Purge of 2012 and have been living in China teaching Academic Writing for eight years. I’m glad to see you are doing well and I wish all the best. Much peace and love.


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