Sacred Tension: An Evangelical and a Satanist Have a Conversation

In this episode of Sacred Tension, I’m joined by evangelical John W. Morehead for an ecumenical conversation about Satanism, Evangelicalism, multiculturalism, and more.

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One thought on “Sacred Tension: An Evangelical and a Satanist Have a Conversation

  1. Where do i start? So many thoughts processing. First off, i fear nothing. I have a tendency to reject the christian fear based hive mind control.
    I am sovereign. No one can dictate my souls journey, nor validate it. Thats between me, my soul & the Creator.
    I was raised German Lutheran amongst some SS raised congregants. I visited many other places of religious worship. I’ve studied. Ive pondered. My best friend is an unaffiliated Satanist. She doesn’t believe in ritual sacrifice. I affectionately call her religious love, Lucy. The LightBringer.
    I see all souls must traverse their own path. Outside of this fishbowl of 3rd dimensional Earth, no one is fighting over religious labels constructed herein. Its absurd to think we are the only creation, the only sentient planet, the only one true way. There is no one way.
    Having said that, i can’t abide oppression or dictator centric religiosity. So, i continue to seek knowledge and evolve my soul standing. My departure from evangelism was the discovery of our bloodlines and thusly planted myself in our Jewish roots. I study Kabbalah, i study Ifa, ive studied many things in between. I integrate that which speaks truth to my soul and spiritual bearing.
    I’ve asked the ? How is the Eucharist & transubstantiation not metaphysical cannibalism? Be honest. How is it okay to ingest the spiritual corpus of Christ body & blood? But it not be okay to perform ritual sacrifice of animals?
    Side Bar ?- are LaVeyans cannibalist elitist murderers or is it some mentally ill cultist Bloodline sect?
    Im Bloodline so i ask with genuine interest.
    At the end of the day, there is no real end of the day. The soul is eternal and ive abandoned the grid, its forced assumptions & cognitive/spiritual stunting.
    I strive to become the best reflection of the primordial source which birthed me into this embodiment of ny earth walk.
    I don’t need to be right & you don’t need to be wrong.
    Invite me and ill come to your potluck & we can talk. Ill give you a hug & open heart & an excellent meal.
    Anything less than showing up balls out is just weak fear based & self limiting. I won’t convert you nor be converted.
    Its well past due to break down barriers. Do you. You’re better at it anyways.


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