Gender Critical, Pro-Life Propaganda, and Religion Tearing Families Apart

Welcome to Sunday Curiosities: the series where I bring you the bizarre and interesting tidbits I’ve collected through the week.

This week in Curiosities: ContraPoints on “Gender Critical” feminists, also known as TERFS; the Unplanned film; and Matt Dillahunty talking about a schism in his family caused by religious belief.

Unplanned film is horrifying propaganda

Earlier this week, a woman came into my store to ask if she could hang a flyer on our community board. It was a poster for the film Unplanned: the story of a former Planned Parenthood director who went rogue and started telling lies about women’s health care. I asked her what the movie was about, and what ensued was an awkward conversation about pro-life politics.

A day or two later, the excellent podcast God Awful Movies released a hilarious review of the movie. They broke down all the lies about Planned Parenthood in the film, and how the film gives hero status to Christian terrorists who have doxxed vulnerable women and have encouraged violence against women’s health providers. No matter where you stand on the abortion issue, we should all agree that propaganda like this film should be resisted.

ContraPoints Explains what “Gender Critical” means

The Queen returns with a dissection of Gender Critical. If you don’t know what that means, just watch the video and get an education.

Matt Dillahunty Tells a Heartbreaking Story about religious differences destroying his family.

I wish I could find a shorter version of this video, but the part of greatest interest to me starts at 4 minutes and 40 seconds in, in which famed atheist warlord Matt Dillahunty shares a heartbreaking story about a schism in his family. In a moment of incredible vulnerability, Dillahunty expresses very deep hurt and anger over the rejection he has experienced from his parents because of his earnest atheism. His story parallels that of many other nontheists, and he encourages fellow doubters to set hard boundaries with those we love. I was caught off guard by the vulnerability in this podcast, and I encourage you to take a listen and really consider the consequences of unyielding, dogmatic beliefs on those we love.

Obligatory Cat Picture

I got this picture of Eli this morning, as he was luxuriating on our bed.

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