Evangelicalism’s Betrayal

In this episode I talk to film-maker Christopher Maloney about his latest documentary, In God We Trump, which explores the confounding relationship between Trump and the evangelical world.

Evangelicals — one of the largest voting blocks in the United States — are wedded to Trump, and are largely responsible for getting him into office. Despite their supposed commitment to sexual morality, family values, humility, and truth-telling, they have gotten into bed with one of the most dishonest, immoral, and arrogant con-men the presidency has ever seen.

Christopher’s documentary attempts to understand this betrayal — how can a group of Christians so dedicated to personal integrity, family values, and sexual purity cast their lot with a figure so blatantly opposed to all that they hold dear? Maloney explains how this betrayal took place, and the rage and hunger for dominance that lurks beneath the pious veneer of American evangelicalism. 

Find in God We Trump here.

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4 thoughts on “Evangelicalism’s Betrayal

    1. Thanks for commenting and listening to the show. I’m fascinated by Christian Zionism, and I do think it is deeply linked to the evangelical lust for power. Do you have any resources on this subject that you could recommend?


      1. I’ve been writing about it for many years. I have a daughter who recently moved back to the U.S. from Jordan, where she’d been living for 20 years. They wanted their kids to go to college in the U.S., so they moved back here this year. I’ve been there, and the Arab window-on-the-world is very different than ours, and I’ve grown deeply familiar with hasbara and its strategies and tactics. I keep telling everybody that it’s not support from the Jewish community that’s troubling; it’s this obsession with end times that the evangelicals have. You can learn a lot from publications like Mondoweiss, but they’re far more interested in life on the ground than that which is theological. Israel is the prize of the evangelical leaders, because it’s easy to drum up support when you’re talking about Jesus’ return. What good Christian wouldn’t give to that? My book addresses the matter. Have you read “The Gospel of Self: How Pat Robertson Stole the Soul of the GOP?” Give me an address, and I’ll make sure you get a copy. Meanwhile, here are some blog posts: http://thepomoblog.com/?s=israel

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