Sacred Tension: Psychopathy and Compassion with Minister Dex Desjardins

In this episode of Sacred Tension, I speak with my friend and colleague Dex Desjardins about his recent diagnosis of Antisocial Personal Disorder. We discuss how he experiences the world, the difference between compassion and empathy, his work in The Satanic Temple, and much more.

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Top Books of 2021

2021 was a hard year, and once again I got through it by gorging myself on books. I completed just over 50 books, and the following are the standouts. A reminder: this is not a “best books” list. These are the most notable and interesting to me personally, including the best and the worst. Finally, a book only makes this list if I have something to say about it. A novel might blow my mind, but if I struggle to write a paragraph about it, it won’t make this list.

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Sacredness in a Godless World

Theists often struggle to understand how I can maintain a deep sense of sacred awe without believing in the supernatural. They seem to assume that a life without God is a dry, artless, wonderless existence. As I discussed with Matt Langston in a recent episode of Sacred Tension, my personal experience is much the opposite. I feel like nontheism has ripped away the veil between me and the fundamental mysteries of reality. The utter inexplicability of being, without a God to rely on as an answer, is the most sacred and mysterious thing I have ever experienced.

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Sacred Tension: Compassionate Satanism with Lilith Starr

In this episode of Sacred Tension, I speak with Lilith Starr about her new book Compassionate Satanism. We discuss her path to The Satanic Temple from LaVeyan Satanism, how Satanism helped her get sober, her experience as a homeless person, and much more. Visit Lilith Starr’s website here and buy her book here.

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On Being Authentic Online

You might have noticed a subtle change in my work over the past few months. I’m covering more controversial topics and guests. This is less rooted in some over-arching ideal, and more so fatigue. After years of being an online content creator, I’m straining under the pressure of being one person online and another person in real life. The stress is subtle but persistent, and I’ve decided that, in order to be sustainable as a creator, I need more cohesion between my on and offline personas.

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