Sacred Tension: Mythmaking and Poetic Faith | Tony Wolf

In this episode of Sacred Tension, I speak with writer, hobbit, and kiwi Tony Wolf about nontheistic religion, mythmaking, and merging ritual and enchantment with skepticism. 

Find Tony’s article about Oscar Wilde’s materialist spirituality here:

Find Tony’s work on death and ritual here:

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2 thoughts on “Sacred Tension: Mythmaking and Poetic Faith | Tony Wolf

  1. This episode was incredible! I felt so seen in the practices I try to incorporate. I am a member of TST but recently have found a gap in my spirituality being filled by witchcraft and veneration goddesses. Tony Wolf’s words were so spot on in the way I have constructed “play” to enrich my life even though I am agnostic. Thank you so much for another delightful episode Stephen. Ave Satanas and much love from Michigan.


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