Sacred Tension: Psychopathy and Compassion with Minister Dex Desjardins

In this episode of Sacred Tension, I speak with my friend and colleague Dex Desjardins about his recent diagnosis of Antisocial Personal Disorder. We discuss how he experiences the world, the difference between compassion and empathy, his work in The Satanic Temple, and much more.

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2 thoughts on “Sacred Tension: Psychopathy and Compassion with Minister Dex Desjardins

  1. Lack of empathy is something that might be considered a detriment in allowing someone to become a minister in T.S.T. My own thoughts: I cannot trust a psychopath. Sorry.


    1. Thanks for the comment! I think you have good reason to be wary of psychopaths. They can do an enormous amount of harm in the world. However, as you hear in the episode, we associate psychopathy with cruelty and violence primarily because those are the psychopaths who land in prison and get studied.

      I think Dex is an objectively good human being, despite his different brain. I know him to be just, kind, and to never have been cruel. I don’t think that psychopathy necessarily equates to being a bad person. It is a terrible condition that has resulted in a lot of harm in the world, but it doesn’t necessarily have to.


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