Sacred Tension: Examining Wokeness and Evergreen State College with Benjamin Boyce

In this episode of Sacred Tension I speak with podcaster and youtuber Benjamin Boyce about “wokeness” and the events that took place at Evergreen State College in 2017. He is part of a growing movement of centrists and liberals who object to the current woke movement, and are worried about its implications for the future. 

You can find Benjamin’s YouTube channel here.  

Watch Mike Nayna’s documentary about Evergreen State college here

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9 thoughts on “Sacred Tension: Examining Wokeness and Evergreen State College with Benjamin Boyce

  1. I really appreciate your willingness and interest and risk-taking in having a conversation with someone who holds views strongly at odds with your political leanings. These kinds of conversations, both in listening and willingness to push back with respect, are crucial for our times. Good stuff.


  2. I’m very very liberal…..but I gotta say, when I first heard of and then looked into the whole Evergreen College controversy….I was pretty shocked, and kinda horrified.
    That sort of mob “justice” and any means necessary slandering of other human beings was shocking….especially coming from supposed liberals.

    And apart from the objective problems with all that, it also pisses me off….because this is what we liberals ALWAYS do. We eat our own. We destroy those within our own “in group” if they dare stray a mere centimeter from the “gospel” of whatever modern liberalism is today.
    And meanwhile…the conservatives high five each other while voting for a man who openly admitted to being a pedophile, or a sexual abuser, or a racist, or proudly in denial of climate change….while storming our nation’s capitol with fucking nooses.

    If this goes on…they will win, because we will tear ourselves down.

    I’m 38…but I honestly hate when older people piss on the Millennials. 90% of the millennials I’ve known are super smart ethical cool people who are FAR more self-actualized than I ever was at their age. BUT….there is a faction of that demographic that seems weirdly disconnected from traditional liberal values. Some seem to genuinely despise Free Speech because they genuinely think certain speech should be….criminal. That’s scary.

    I hate bigots….but I WANT them to be legally free to speak. For one thing, I want to know what they think…I want it out in the open. So I know who my enemy is and how best to fight back….or convert.
    Criminalizing that stuff….pushes it underground where it festers and rots into some Q-anon incel alt-right existential nihilism…..that then forms the basis of a new voter base. That’s scary….and it’s already a problem. I don’t want it to get worse.

    Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

    Anyway…I’m probably preaching to the choir. But this topic is necessary to discuss. I’m glad you weren’t afraid to broach this topic. Like you, I have a complex, sometimes frustrating, relationship to Sam Harris. I truly love 80% of his output….I think he’s damn near the most intelligent rational honest public intellectual of my lifetime. But…he’s far from flawless.
    And because of that, some liberals are afraid to touch on free speech, cancel culture type issues because they fear they’ll be lumped in with “those people.”

    But we gotta talk about it. And by it I mean 100% of reality….
    Ok….rant over. Had to vent lol.


  3. You mentioned the HBO Max doc series Q: Into the Storm and how good it was….I think in this episode.
    Just finished it last night. Binged the whole thing in 2 nights. Absolutely incredible.
    I agree it’s one of the best docs I’ve ever seen. The moment that intro animation….the paranoid fever dream Washington DC imagery….came on screen, I could tell this was something special. So well made…deeply researched…and oddly empathetic towards it’s subjects.
    And…it was pretty astonishing that I’m basically convinced they found out who Q is. I still can’t tell if that kid is a full on sociopath or not….definitely one interesting human being. Not to mention his dad….jesus christ.
    So yeah…thx for the recommendation. It was excellent.


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