Sacred Tension: Panpsychism, feat. Philip Goff

In this episode of Sacred Tension I talk to philosopher Philip Goff about Panpsychism, which posits that consciousness is a fundamental feature of the universe. Find Philip Goff here. Read his blog here, and follow him on twitter here.

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One thought on “Sacred Tension: Panpsychism, feat. Philip Goff

  1. Fascinating discussion.
    I found this podcast via the focus on nontheistic Satanism…which I still find most fascinating.
    But the fact you tough on topics like this is excellent. I’m an atheist…but I’m more and more coming around to seeing panpsychism as making a lot of sense. Consciousness is a genuinely profound and mysterious elemental aspect of reality. Sadly, because it’s long been the domain of new age woo, rational scientists often just ignore it…or explain it away with a hand wave.
    But Philip Goff’s serious approach is very refreshing and illuminating.
    Also…he gives a great interview. I like his overall vibe. And I love his voice…sort of a mix between Brian Cox(the astrophysicist guy who makes BBC docs about space) and Ringo Starr.
    Ok…back to the episode, I still have 45 minutes to go. 🙂

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