Talking Leftism, Protest, and Activism on The Satanic Temple TV

I’ve had the pleasure of appearing on the Satanic Temple TV a couple of times over the past few weeks to talk about protest, leftism, and my recent article Why I Haven’t Left the Satanic Temple. My first appearance was on The Devil’s Dispatch with Stu DeHaan, and my second appearance was on An Ongoing And Necessary Pursuit with Jack Matirko.

As it happens, TST TV is a new sponsor of my work. If you want to watch my interviews or the other shows and movies on offer, use my code SACREDTENSION at checkout, and you will get your first month free. They have a growing library of streams, weekly shows, and feature films, all relating directly or adjacently to Satanism. For anyone particularly interested in Satanic thought and community, I strongly encourage you to get a subscription. Not only does it give you access to a huge library of content, it also supports the ongoing work and community of The Satanic Temple.

4 thoughts on “Talking Leftism, Protest, and Activism on The Satanic Temple TV

  1. Have you had a chance to go back through some of the old lecture series yet? Some of them are really interesting….. in addition to interesting topics, there is some entertainment value to watching lecture presentations Lucien gave 5+ years ago, too. 🙂

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