Praise Odin

In this episode of Sacred Tension, I talk to my longtime friend Kodiak about his journey into Odin worship. Along the way, we talk about the significance of ritual, blood sacrifice, and the rise of white nationalism in some pagan circles.

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One thought on “Praise Odin

  1. Great episode. A few coments/observations:

    I’m a little surprised that Kodiak did not get into the prevalence of Reconstructionism and the purism that often comes with it in the Heathen community. I imagine that would be another source of criticism for his tendency toward eclecticism and ecumenicism. I know it’s one of the reasons I don’t even identify as a Heathen despite being a devotee of Freyja and primarily drawing on Norse mythology and lore.

    Also, there’s a great deal of discussion about the practice of seidr (“say-ther” or “sayth” with a soft th sound) among men. It’s believed by many that the prohibitions against men practicing seidr was a later addition and it was much more common. Diana Paxson — who has done a great deal of work to bring back the modern practice of seidr as well as being the author of the book Kodiak mentioned — writes about the issues here:


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