Guest Post: The Seven Tenets Are Not a Sword

This is a guest post by Greg Stevens. Greg Stevens is a longtime leader in The Satanic Temple, and currently acts as Director of Ministry and Executive Producer of TST TV.

I thoroughly enjoy the passion I see in members of The Satanic Temple when they are unraveling the finer points and applications of The Seven Tenets. These tenets express strong core ethical priorities, while at the same time being general enough to allow each individual to develop and explore their own interpretation. For some people, the phrase “compassion and empathy toward all creatures” in Tenet I resonates naturally with their choice of veganism. For them, veganism is a part of their Satanism. But people may also interpret Tenet I differently, and many Satanists are not Vegan. So it goes with other moral questions, as well: from addiction intervention to euthenasia. It fills me with joy when Satanists talk through scenarios, often making discoveries: not only about the way other people interpret and balance the tenets, but oftentimes also about their own, often unconscious, assumptions and priorities.

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Sacred Tension AMA: From Christianity to Satanism

This is the first ever solo Ask Me Anything episode of Sacred Tension. In this episode I take questions from my audience about my personal journey from Christianity to Satanism, how to handle an aversion to Christians, my take on protests and riots, my favorite pop culture representations of Satan,  my thoughts on Satanists using Tarot, and much more.

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Sacred Tension: A Satanic Defense of Free Speech with Lucien Greaves

In this episode of Sacred Tension I’m joined by Lucien Greaves, co-founder and spokesperson for The Satanic Temple. We discuss conspiracy theories, Qanon, the destructive nature social media platforms, and why we must all be ardent defenders of free speech. This is part one of a two-part conversation.

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Sacred Tension: The Process Church of the Final Judgement, feat. William Morrison

In this episode of Sacred Tension I talk to William Morrison — longtime Satanic Temple leader and member of legendary industrial band Skinny Puppy — about the “deviant psychotherapy cult” Process Church of the Final Judgement, and how it laid the philosophical groundwork for The Satanic Temple. Watch Sympathy for the Devil — the documentary about The Process — here, and don’t forget to use my promo code SACREDTENSION at checkout to receive one month free.

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