Sacredness in a Godless World

Theists often struggle to understand how I can maintain a deep sense of sacred awe without believing in the supernatural. They seem to assume that a life without God is a dry, artless, wonderless existence. As I discussed with Matt Langston in a recent episode of Sacred Tension, my personal experience is much the opposite. I feel like nontheism has ripped away the veil between me and the fundamental mysteries of reality. The utter inexplicability of being, without a God to rely on as an answer, is the most sacred and mysterious thing I have ever experienced.

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Sacred Tension: Compassionate Satanism with Lilith Starr

In this episode of Sacred Tension, I speak with Lilith Starr about her new book Compassionate Satanism. We discuss her path to The Satanic Temple from LaVeyan Satanism, how Satanism helped her get sober, her experience as a homeless person, and much more. Visit Lilith Starr’s website here and buy her book here.

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