Sunday Curiosities: The Exorcist Effect, a Satanic Cross, and the Disturbing Movie Iceberg

Sunday Curiosities is the weekly series in which I share interesting, controversial, or thought provoking things that caught my attention from around the web. Do you have any suggested content for this series? Do you have any creative work you’d like me to check out? Please email me.

Twitter Destroyed a Young Trans Writer

A young trans writer named Isabel Fall wrote a brilliant short story titled “I Sexually Identify as An Attack Helicopter.” The internet responded badly. Emily VanDerWerff of Vox explored the story. Special thanks to reader Azura for the submission.

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Jordan Peterson on The Utility of Horror

I’ve spent a good portion of my online career bashing Jordan Peterson. I’ve often found him clownish and, at times, downright dangerous.

His new book Beyond Order, however, surprised me. The Peterson that emerged from its pages was a far more complicated and interesting figure than I had previously given him credit for. He lives with brutal addiction and depression, and yet doles out advice on how to lead a good life. He’s weird, eccentric, verbose, and surprisingly progressive and conservative at different turns. I found parts of his book genuinely helpful, and other parts frustrating and overly esoteric. None of this is to say that I’m a fan or that I agree with him on everything. It’s simply to say that I found his most recent book worth engaging.

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Sacred Tension: Depravity, Horror, and Transgressive Media with May of Nyx Fears

In this episode of Sacred Tension, I speak with musician and Youtuber May of Nyx Fears. We discuss transgressive media, horror, fascism, trauma, childhood neglect, LGBT representation in horror, the moral complexity of extreme media, and much more. Watch May’s youtube channel here.

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Sacred Tension: Horror and Halloween with Simon Widdop

In this Episode of Sacred Tension I’m joined by Satanic horror poet Simon Widdop to celebrate October and talk about our mutual obsession with horror. We discuss the psychological underpinnings of enjoying horror, how horror makes us think deeply about ethics, the Christian propaganda of supernatural horror, his latest book The Poet From the Black Lagoon, and more. Find Simon Widdop here.

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