You can find me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. While I’m grateful to these platforms for connecting me with many of you, I’m also ambivalent about the level of power and invasiveness these platforms practice. I will remain on big social media platforms, but I encourage you to join the communities I’m creating off of social media. Big social media is unstable for all of us, including content creators and our small communities.

Comment on the blog

One of the most significant ways you can engage in community is by sharing your thoughts in the comments section of my blog. Not only does this encourage discussion, it also helps raise my website in search engines so that more people can find it. If you like what you read, please post your comments to the website, and not just on social media. I also always do my best to respond to every comment.


Patreon is the backbone of my work. While I wish I didn’t need money to bring my work to the world, it’s an unfortunate reality that my work is not sustainable without the financial backing of my patrons. For $1 or $5 a month, you can help ensure that I can continue to produce my work for the free enjoyment of others. In return you will get extra content, including a patrons-only podcast every week. My Patreon is a small but growing community, and I’d love for you to join them.

Sacred Tension on Slack

Slack was originally intended as a work space for businesses, but I’m co-opting it as a community space. It’s more private and secure than big social media, and I’ve been incredibly surprised by how effective a space it is for hosting community.

My Slack group for the Sacred Tension Podcast is a fun, diverse, and growing community of readers and listeners. It is free to join, and you can sign up here.